About Us

Regional Character is a concept home furnishings design studio that puts makers and proximity first. With a steadfast commitment to sourcing only products made in the Northeastern region of the US, our intention is to highlight our region’s craft and craftspeople, but also to supply goods with a great care for the proximity to which they are made and eventually sold.

Much of our collective consumer culture is detached from the actual process of a good being made for market. Hyper-consumerism is always around us—and we often bring objects into our lives with little consideration for how they were made or how economically or environmentally exploitative they can be.

Owner Sean Osborne comes from a background in international and domestic homeware production models. With these experiences, he has watched how large corporations are able to effectively pressure American manufacturers to compete with international prices. In this iteration of Regional Character, our intention is to not only highlight regional makers, but to build partnerships that bolster our craft and design communities here in the Northeast.